Fence Planner

To facilitate prompt attention a good starting point is to download our fence planner. Fill in some basic information and fax to us to provide additional comments of quotation is required (you may email if planner can be scanned).


Example Fence Planner

Fence Planner

Steps to complete Fence Planner:

  • Draw shape of block on fence planner.
  • Sketch shape of house and position. Include pool location or future pool location and any other structures. Mark all structures clearly - house, shed, pool etc:
  • Mark where fencing is required and approximate length - see example;
  • Mark position of gates and approximate width;
  • What style of fence do you want - see type, styles on website eg: Timber flat top no gap or size of gap;
  • How can we best contact you;
  • Complete details & mark preference on fence planner;
  • Phone Colin on 0409 878 641 or email to info@capeyorkfences.com.au.